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Basement & Cellar Conversions South Devon Teignmouth, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter, Exmouth & the South West

Use SBR Property Services to convert your basement or cellar to a beautiful and functional living space.

There are predominantly two types of waterproofing systems used in cellar & basement conversion

  • Cavity Drain Membranes connected to walls and floor - in our opinion by far the best method (the system we will use, for your basement & cellar conversion to BS 8102:2009). Essentially it works by the membrane preventing any water from entering your living space. Instead it deflects it into channels that go to a sump pump. The water is then pumped to another drain/soakaway out of harms way.

    • Pros

      • guaranteed to keep out the water when installed to BS 8102:2009
      • cannot be breached solely by an increase in external water (hydrostatic) pressure
      • maintainable
      • upgradable
      • can be monitored

    • Cons

      • more expensive than traditional method

  • Tanking slurry a flexible cement based product that is applied to walls and floors - used for many years, but its longevity in a basement or cellar conversion can not be guaranteed. Reason being it is only as strong as the adhesion it has to the material on which its applied. It will have weak points that can be breached by an increase in external water (hydrostatic) pressure due to a burst water pipe, heavy rain, water dissipation etc

    • Pros

      • cheaper than membrane method

    • Cons

      • can be breached by increase in external water (hydrostatic) pressure
      • not guaranteed
      • more preparatory work needed

For technical specification and details on the products that will be used in your basement or cellar conversion please visit our suppliers website:

SBR Property Services will only guarantee and only recommends the Cavity Drain Membrane method when converting a basement or cellar.

If you already have a cavity drain membrane system installed in your cellar or basement conversion that has not been maintained for a while, this may affect the validity of your guarantee, contact us and we will come and service it for you.

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