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Historical Listed Building Restoration & Alteration - South Devon

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About listed buildings:

The listing of a building is a record and acknowledgement of its architectural and historical significance. Any building constructed before 1700 to around 1840, that retains anything like its original condition will be listed. Other later buildings of particular historic or architectural significance may also be listed.

The listing of a property is not a preservation order, it does not prevent it from being altered, extended or even demolished. What it does do, is alert us to its special interest and this will need to be taken into account before any work is carried out. You must apply for listed building consent if you intend to make any alterations or additions to a listed building.

Go to the 'National Heritage' website to find out if your property is listed.  You can contact your local conservation office, who will also be able to tell you if a specific area is a conservation area.

A listed building is therefore quite a different animal when it comes to construction, these historic buildings raise many challenges not associated with modern properties, whether you're carrying out alterations or even maintaining & making essential repairs there can be a lot of 'red tape' to go through.

If you are luckily enough to own a listed building in South Devon let us use our experience to repair, renovate and improve it, to bring it back to its former glory.

Using the correct materials and working closely with the conservation officer for approval, we will protect and enhance its beauty.

Why not get us to use our experience and expertise to design and fit a luxury en-suite, bathroom, shower room or kitchen in your listed building?

We are offer a vast array of services, for example carpentry, electrical installation, plastering, painting and decorating, tiling, property maintenance plus more.

Here are few examples of our work on listed buildings, illustrated below:


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You should always employ a builder who has 
listed building experience:

Although there have been major advancements in building materials since the 1840's, these materials are not always compatible with the original materials used to construct listed buildings. Many of the present-day building materials can over time, damage your property. 

Ancient buildings in this country were constructed using natural materials ( wood frame, sandstone, cob, wattle & daub , lime mortar etc.) old listed buildings do expand and contract and the walls and floors at the time of construction were able to 'breath'. Any damp, stagnant air was replenished by the open fires.

No-one expects you to inhabit a damp, draughty listed building. But remember, when repairing, altering or making additions to your listed building all of its characteristics need to be taken into account.

Inherent problems often arise due to incorrect materials being used on repairs & alterations in the past , if uncovered these problems can be remedied by us, using the correct materials.

There can be many reasons for a problem to develop in your property, it may be inherent, a maintenance issue or due to other factors out of your control.

For the 'correct builders solution', and to stop future deterioration of your property as a result of work you have organised, then call an experienced builder you can trust: SBR Property Services Ltd - South Devon

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