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Easy access Bathrooms, Shower rooms and Toilets designed and installed in Exeter, Teignmouth, Torquay, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, Exmouth, Devon

If your current bathroom is becoming gradually more difficult to use then an easy access bathroom may be the answer to making daily life a whole lot easier.

An easy access bathroom, shower room or toilet doesn't necessarily need to look like it is designed for that specific reason, it can look as stunning as any designer bathroom, shower room or toilet you have seen and be a beautiful addition to your home and can be part of a independent living solution.

A prime example of an easy access shower room that looks no different to any other shower room is a wet room. A wet room shower will have no shower tray to step into so there is no chance of tripping up when you enter or exit the shower and can give you more room to move about unhindered.

It is sometimes preferable to have a toilet which is higher than a standard toilet to make it easier to mount or dismount. Taller toilets are available as a direct replacement if that is what you require. If you want a whole new toilet installation then you could opt for a wall hung toilet as these can be installed higher than standard toilets. 

If you don't want the expense or prefer to keep your current bathroom then we can adapt your bathroom by installing hand rails to give you more stability whilst using your toilet, shower room or bathroom. We can also install shower room seats so showering is less of an effort. We can widen doorways, install wider doors or turn original doors round if needed.

Our easy access bathroom services include all preparatory worktiling, plastering, painting and decorating, installing new electrics and lighting and re-routing all pipework for your new bathroom when necessary.

We can design the whole room to take advantage of the available space, divide rooms or move the easy access bathroom solution to a completely different part of the house.

We able to carry out all the work necessary to give you a beautiful, easy access bathroom, shower room or toilet from inception to completion.

If a property requires adaption in other areas of the house, then we can adapt rooms for easy access and provide independent living solutions. 

Make daily life easier with independent living and easy access from SBR Property Services.

What ever your bathroom and shower room requirements contact us we are here to help, will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hrs for an appointment so we can fully assess the job and supply you with a competitive quote.

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